Refund and Cancellation Policy

At Splyft, we want our users to be completely satisfied with their journeys.

We recommend you read our Return and Cancellation Policy prior to making a booking from our mobile application, so you are familiar with our policy on refunds and your legal rights and remedies. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at our Contact Us page.

This Return and Cancellation Policy only applies where you off er a ride or book a ride online from our mobile application “Splyft”.

Service Fee Refunds

You can cancel a pending booking request and not be charged for the ride or the service fee as long as the request hasn’t been approved.

The conditions of our cancellation policy will apply to your booking if you decide to cancel after it has been confirmed.

Refund and Cancellation

We strive to reduce cancellations by promoting the responsible use of services and this is reflected in the cancellation policy.

1. If the driver :

Declines a booking request by the passenger

Passengers will not be charged including the service fees.

Cancels a booking online after accepting a ride

We’ll fully refund the passenger, including service fees.

Didn’t show up at the meeting point and/or didn’t cancel the ride online

If the driver does not show up at the agreed time and place, passengers can click on ‘My Ride’ menu, go to trip and click the ‘Report Driver’ button within 24 hours.

Out of fairness, the driver will then get the next 5 days to agree or disagree on his/her absence. If the driver agrees, we will fully refund the passengers including service fees.

If the driver disagrees, we will ask them to provide all relevant details. We will then process the refund using the information we have and in accordance with our Cancellation policy. Keep an eye on your emails because they may be in touch to ask for some extra details.

2. If the passenger :

Cancels before the request ride is accepted by the driver

No charges will be imposed on passengers.

We will refund their booking, excluding service fees.As long as a pending booking request has not been approved by the driver, passengers can cancel their booking request and won’t be charged for the ride or service fee.

Cancels more than 24 hours before departure time

We will refund their booking, excluding service fees.

If the driver cancels after the booking is confirmed, passengers will be automatically refunded the cost of the booking, including service fees.You may cancel the booking through My Ride menu.

Cancels in the last 24 hours before departure time.

If the passenger books more than 24 hours in advance, we will refund ONLY 50% of the booking, excluding service fees.We will also compensate the driver 50% because the passenger cancelled shortly before theride.

If they book in the last 24 hours before the ride but cancel within 30 minutes of booking, we will refund their booking, excluding service fees.

Didn’t show up at the meeting point and/or didn’t cancel the ride online

No refund to the passenger from the time of departure onwards.

In the event of a passenger no-show at the meeting point, the driver must wait at least 15 minutes and must then notify customer service within 24 hours to receive payment.

We will still compensate the driver for the full passenger contribution.

Ride Auto-Cancellation Policy

Passengers will receive an unsuccessful request notification if :

When you will get your refund

By using the same payment method as when you made the reservation, you will automatically get your refund if you are qualified within ten to fifteen days, if not sooner.

As soon as you cancel or your claim is resolved, we’ll send you your refund. It might take your bank or credit card company longer to process it and transfer it to you depending on how you paid :

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