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What is Splyft ?

Splyft is carpooling platform where it connects people who want to travel and who want to share a ride. You can book any ride that fits your itinerary just with the tap of a finger.

How Spylft works ?

Splyft is a carpooling platform. You have the flexibility to either be a passenger or a driver.

Passenger : You can book a ride in the Splyft app and & connect with available drivers for the date desired.

Driver : You can offer your empty seats in your car and share the cost of travelling with passengers.

Is Splyft an e-hailing ?

No, Splyft is not an e-hailing service. We focus on interstate trips with a higher distance and longer travelling time. We connect drivers and passengers who are heading to the same destination on a specific desired date and time.

How about payment system ?

All payment for rides has to be made on Splyft application, and NOT using any other platforms outside of Splyft application.

We will provide booking confirmation on the application once payment has been made through our application.

If payment is directly made to the driverv via another chanel, this will nullify your protection for Refund and Cancellation Policy. Any issues or problems that occur during your ride will not be entertained by Splyft Team.

How service fees work ?

There is a flat rate service fee when offering or booking a ride, which is paid by the driver and passenger.

For drivers, the price of the ride set (excluding the service fees) is paid to the driver after the ride is completed.

How is service fee amount calculated ?

The amount of the service fee is a flat rate amount that will be charged when drivers offer a ride, and when passengers book a ride.

Passengers who are browsing carpool rides are shown this total price, which will include the service fee, any tolls or additional costs that may apply.

Where can I download Splyft app ?

Splyft app can be downloaded at Apple store or Google Play Store.

Offer A Ride

Defining Your Route

When offering a ride, you must specify the precise location of both your starting point and destination when posting your ride. This is defined by Pick Up point and Drop Off point.

Simply input the address or precise location of both the Pick-Up and Drop-Off points. It can be a landmark, a petrol station, or a train station.

Let us give you an example :

Pick Up Point :
Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge Restaurant, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Remarks :
Please wait in front of Satay Hj Samsuri.

Drop Off Point :
Teluk Bahang, 11050 Pulau Pinang.
Remarks :
Drop off at ESCAPE Penang entrance.

You have the flexibility to choose. We'll recommend some well-liked gathering places to ensure a smooth trip.

How many passengers can I take?

The maximum number of seats you can offer on Splyft is 4. Some cars are smaller, so we do recommend you only offer 3 seats. This will allow other passengers to be more comfortable during the trip.

How long is the account approval process to be a Splyft Driver?

It usually takes a maximum of 24 to 48 hours for your account to be approved.

If your account is not approved after 48 hours, please send us an email at :

What is recommended pricing ?

It is the price per seat recommended by Splyft.

Splyft is not a platform for drivers to gain money. It is to reduce the cost of travel by offering a seat in the car.

Therefore, we have created a system that recommends a price based on your travel costs (fuel & toll), taking into account the distance between the pick-up point and the drop-off point.

What happens when a passenger request a ride ?

At the moment, passengers have to request a ride booking from you. You will be notified and have to manually accept the booking.

You have 3 hours to accept the booking or it will be automatically cancelled for you and for the passengers.

Once the booking is accepted, passengers will have to make a payment within a specific time to confirm the ride.

Book A Ride

How do I find for a ride ?

On the homepage of the Splyft app, simply click on Find A Ride, and then tap on the search bar column.

You will need to fill in :
- The Pick Up Point
- The Drop Off Point
- Preferred Date of Travel

Click on Apply, and you will see the list of rides available. If there is no available rides, not to worry. You can try to search again for the route nearer to the date.

How can I find more informations about a ride ?

Prior to requesting a ride, you have the option to contact the driver using the Chat feature.

Sending a message to a the driver is the first step in getting in touch, whether you need to ask questions, discuss on luggage size limits or arrange the specifics of a ride.

Reminder : A message agreement is not regarded as a legal booking. A reservation must be confirmed online through Splyft.

What happens when I send a booking request for a ride ?

Driver has 3 hours to accept or decline the booking.

If driver does not accept or reject, the booking will be auto cancelled after 3 hours, and you are free to book different rides available.

What should I do once Driver approve my booking ?

You have to make payment through the app within the allocated time to confirm your seat. Once ride has been confirmed, we will send you an email of confirmation.

As we would like to ensure the safety of our passengers, we urge you not to make payment outside of the Splyft application via DuitNow, paying through link on WhatsApp, or bank transfer.

Any payment for rides done outside of Splyft application means that you are no longer protected by our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

I have a change of mind. What happens when I cancel my ride request ?

Booking Request is not yet approved by Driver :

If a ride is cancelled before the Driver accepts the requests, then you are free to find for another available ride that suits your trip.

However, at the moment, you are not able to re-book the same trip through the app if you have cancelled it. You need to email us at [email protected] or write to us at :Contact Us

Booking Request is approved by Driver :

If a ride is cancelled more than 24 hours before departure time, you will be refunded fully except the services fees. For further information, please refer to :Refund and Cancellation Policy

What if my driver asks for more money at the end of my ride ?

When you make a reservation on Splyft, all price details are displayed at the checkout. You should not be paying more money to your driver regardless of the reasons.

You can report or file a claim if a driver tries to charge you more than the amount listed on the publication, whether in the car or over the phone.

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