About Us

Our goal is simple. We want you to save time, save cost, and less stress on the road.

Splyft is a peer-to-peer inter-city carpooling app in Malaysia that connects users to others nearby who want to share a ride.

It is a community of people looking to share their rides, to make travel, routine commutes, and errands more affordable and less stressful.

Get a trip that fits your needs. You can save money while meeting new people along the way.

Our Mission

Reduce traffic congestion, improve mobility in Malaysia, and make it easy for everyone to move efficiently by sharing their car.

Our Vision

Connects different people from different backgrounds and brings them together as a community.

Why You Should Splyft ?

Going Green
Let's help make driving a clean and green experience. Find new carpool companion, nearby or far away. Spur a culture of sharing and caring through efficient carpooling.

Be a part of this carpooling movement and breathe better air.

Social Networking
Why travel alone when you can make new friends ? It is not always about the destination, it's the journey that matters too !

Enhancing your travel journey by connecting with local travel communities and share your ride to similar destinations.

Be Economical
Save cost by splitting your fares, making your trip cost-efficient and fun.

Jump on board with us and connect with drivers that are heading in the same direction at a fraction of the cost.

Be part of the growing Splyft community

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